Advent Zoom Bible study

Starting on Sunday, November 27 at 3:30pm for 4 Sundays will be a Zoom Advent study on various scriptures in Matthew. Advent is a season in the Christian year that lasts for four weeks. The Christian season of Christmas begins on Christmas Eve and lasts for twelve days, ending on January 1st. Advent is the season of preparation for Christmas. We should prepare for celebrating the birth of Jesus by remembering the longing of the Jewish people for a Messiah. Advent reminds us how much we need a Savior and looking forward for the second coming of Jesus Christ, our Savior. In helping us to prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ, the November 22nd newsletter will have an Advent calendar in it for you to use. There will be a sign-up sheet on the table outside the Sanctuary if you are interested to participate in the Zoom study. For additional information contact me at the office or email me at fm@westernhillsumc.org.
My prayers for each person in our congregation will be to take time in your busy schedule to be with the Lord daily. Terry

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