Will Of God

Dear Church,

This past Sunday, we delved into the concept of interconnectedness within the body of Christ. The passage reminded us that we are not isolated individuals but rather vital members of a collective whole. Together, we contribute to a diverse array of roles, from prophecy and ministry to teaching, support, generosity, leadership, and compassion.

While we can undertake these roles individually, their impact is magnified when embraced within a supportive community. Our actions, infused with God’s grace, transform our lives into offerings that align with God’s will. This reflection encouraged us to consider the sources of influence in our lives. Are we living according to our own will, the noise around us, or are we attuned to God’s guiding whispers?

As we move forward, let us take time to pray and connect with God. By doing so, we can discern God’s will amidst the distractions. In summary, our lives are intertwined in the body of Christ, and as we embrace our unique roles, may we remember that our actions, guided by God’s grace, create a harmonious symphony that fulfills God’s purpose.

I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday. You are encouraged to bring a friend with you. And since it is Labor Day weekend, casual attire is encouraged. Pastor Sela

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