Day 4: Saturday, February 25, 2023

Rev. Sela Finau


Scripture: Be still, and know that I am God! (Psalm 46:10 NRSV)

Devotion: I participated in a retreat at the Still Water Lodge in Glen Rose a few years ago. This place is next door to where Glen Lake Camp is located, a familiar site for many youths in our conference including ours who just returned from their winter camp.

This was my second gathering with this particular group at the Still Water Lodge. It was early fall, and the facility and grounds were very serene.

The following day, I woke up early and went to spend some time sitting on a wooden bench swing looking over the water. I pondered why they may have named that place Still Water Lodge. The water in the river behind the lodge seemed very still, thus the name Still Water. Whether or not that was the meaning behind the name is interesting. I have not been around many rivers, so I am uncertain and know very little of their behavior as opposed to oceans. But the water’s stillness connected me to that morning’s tranquility. It was peaceful and serene, and the weather was perfect, the fog slowly moving over to cover the skies and meet the morning dew.

The mist from the fog softly dropped on my bare skin, and I could feel its refreshing coolness. I could hear the birds chirping all around, a delightful sound. And even though I could hear the sounds of traffic in the background, I meditated on the peaceful present. It was as if God was saying to me, “Be still, Sela, for I am here.” I would have stayed in that space, that sacred space, with God all day if I could. 

During this season of Lent, find a quiet place to be still and listen to how God may be speaking to you. 

Prayer: Oh God, help us to find a space where we can hear you and listen to you more attentively. Amen.


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