Prayer for Victims of Violence


Almighty God,

We come before you heartbroken by the senseless act of violence that occurred near our church last night. A drive-by shooting left five people injured, one young adult of 19 years old and four precious children, the youngest being a mere 3 years old.

Our hearts ache for these innocent victims. Grant the young adult and the four children strength and resilience as they heal from their physical wounds and emotional trauma. Surround them with skilled medical professionals and the unwavering love of their families. 

We also pray for the individual who was stabbed at our neighborhood Kroger’s yesterday morning. For the families facing fear and uncertainty, we pray for your comforting presence. Grant them strength to support their loved ones during this difficult time.

We pray for the perpetrators. Redirect and transform their thoughts, minds, hearts, and lives.

Guide our community towards healing and peace. May we work together to create a safer future where innocent lives, young and old, are not put at risk by violence. Empower us to speak out against gun violence and all forms of violence and work tirelessly towards a future where children can play freely without fear.

In your infinite mercy, we pray. Amen.

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