Mind the Gap

This past Sunday, we celebrated our church’s 64th anniversary with worship, followed by a marvelous feast. The food selection was fantastic, with plenty to go around and even some leftovers to take home. We want to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who brought a dish to share, those who came with a hearty appetite, and especially those who helped with the setup and cleanup. Your contributions mean the world to us, and we’re truly grateful.

In our message from Romans 14, we explored the vital theme of “Mind the Gap.” The message emphasized the significance of love, unity, and harmony as we navigate the natural gaps stemming from differing perspectives in our church family.

We’re called to bridge these gaps, demonstrating Christ’s transformative love within us and in the world. Just as passengers must exercise caution on a train platform, we, as a church, must be vigilant in our interactions, especially when our experiences and beliefs diverge.

These gaps go beyond theological differences; they include generational perspectives, approaches to social issues, and the impact of our upbringing and context. These gaps can hinder our unity as the body of Christ.

However, “Mind the Gap” is not a mere warning; it’s an invitation to bridge these divides with love. As we celebrate our 64th anniversary, let’s remember that God’s faithfulness has guided us through endless challenges. Looking ahead, we envision a church that celebrates diversity and thrives in unity, love, and service.

As we stand at the threshold of the next 64 years, let’s embrace love, tolerance, understanding, and unity. Our church’s future will be marked by deeper relationships, reaching our community, and shining with Christ’s love.

We ended the worship service by welcoming our brother in Christ, Don Cobb, to our church family!

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Happy 64th anniversary to our church, and may God bless us abundantly as we continue to “Mind the Gap” in faith.

Peace and Grace!
Pastor Sela

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