Magnify the Lord

Friday, December 23, 2022

Rev. Sela Finau

Magnify the Lord

Scripture: Luke 1:46-47 (NRSV) And Mary said, ‘My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, 

Devotion: I watched this documentary on PBS on some of Europe’s finest cathedrals and buildings. Everywhere you looked was some phenomenal artwork in Vienna, Budapest, and Switzerland. If buildings could sing and play instruments, these buildings were an orchestra all on their own; the director was the artist who set it in motion. Incredible art with religious artifacts everywhere you looked with angels singing Mary’s song, Magnify the Lord. 

The documentary also covered how the famous carol Silent Night originated and the church where it was first sung in German in Salzburg, Austria, to the tune of a guitar because the organ was broken. Things didn’t go as planned that evening; things didn’t happen as the church had hoped; yet, out of that broken organ, here we are over 200 years later, and we’re still singing that song, Stille Nacht (Silent Night).

I wonder if that was God’s plan all along. Even if it wasn’t, it shows how the gospel’s message can still be brought forth even if it wasn’t our first plan, even from a broken organ.

Sometimes, we think we’re too old, too out of shape, and too broken to be used by God. But no matter our circumstances in life, our stories can help to magnify the Lord. 

Prayer: Dear God, use our stories to tell of your glory. Amen.

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