Love God ~ Love Neighbor

In Sunday’s sermon, we delved into the significance of Reformation Sunday, commemorating Martin Luther’s pivotal protest against the Catholic Church 506 years ago. Luther’s stand, sparked by his opposition to the sale of indulgences, emphasized God’s grace and love over human deeds. This historical event led to the Protestant Movement and shaped our Methodist faith today.

Drawing parallels to the sermon, the scripture from Matthew 22:34-46 highlighted Jesus’ response to Pharisees questioning him about the greatest commandment. Jesus distilled the essence of faith, emphasizing the paramount importance of loving God wholeheartedly and extending that love to others. This teaching underscores the central role of love, compassion, and empathy in our faith, transcending mere religious rituals and legalistic obedience. It challenges us to embody these principles in our daily lives, reinforcing the foundational message of love for God and love for one’s neighbor found throughout the gospels.

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