Let the Fire of Faith Light Our Way

This Pentecost Sunday, as we celebrate the birth of our church family, a powerful feeling washes over me. It’s a feeling of choice. We can choose to be filled with the Holy Spirit, not the worries and negativity of the world, but with the love, truth, peace, and courage that come from above. This incredible energy empowers us to continue Christ’s work, to serve those around us, and to be a beacon of hope in our community.

Think about it – a church, like a cherished bonfire, needs constant fuel to keep burning brightly. But the mistake we sometimes make is trying to keep that fire all to ourselves. A fire needs fresh logs to keep it roaring, and the Holy Spirit’s power thrives when we share it with others, with open hands.

Just imagine a clenched fist. It holds nothing, offers nothing. It’s only when we open our hands, receptive to the Holy Spirit, that we can receive its gifts and, in turn, share them with the world.

So, the question for each of us is this: will we be a part of that flame? Will we let go of our limitations, trust in God’s guidance, and allow the Holy Spirit to transform us into instruments of God’s love?

Saying “Yes” to the Holy Spirit means letting go of the need to do it all alone and embracing the amazing purpose we have in the world – to live out God’s mission. Let’s not keep this fire of faith to ourselves but let it burn brightly within us as we share it with others.  Let’s share our resources, our time, our talents – all the things that fuel the fire of our church and our community. May it empower us to be a force for good and a source of hope.

Let’s become active participants in the incredible legacy of our church, carrying the torch of faith, love, and service into the future.

Here’s to a week filled with the warmth and light of the Holy Spirit, shared with open hearts and open hands!


Pastor Sela

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