Lenten Daily Prayers

Lenten Prayers 2024

Welcome to Lent 2024! Over the next 40 days, join us in a daily moment of reflection and prayer to guide you on your Lenten journey. Each prayer offers support, encouragement, and spiritual nourishment as we walk together through this sacred season. May these moments of contemplation deepen your connection with God and illuminate the path toward Easter’s joy and renewal.  

In Christ! 

Reverend Sela Finau

Ash Wednesday:

Day 1: Gracious God, as we begin this sacred journey of Lent, may we heed the call of your prophet Joel. Help us turn our hearts to You, embracing repentance and seeking your mercy. Let the ashes on our foreheads be a sign of our humility and a reminder of your boundless grace. Amen. 

“Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”


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Thursday of the First Week of Lent:

Day 2: Loving Father, guide us through this Lenten path. May our fasting be a source of self-discipline, our prayers deepen our connection with You, and our acts of charity reflect your love for others. Strengthen us to walk faithfully in Your ways. Amen.

Friday of the First Week of Lent:

Day 3: Merciful Lord, as we reflect on your sacrifice, grant us the strength to bear our crosses with patience and humility. May the trials we face draw us closer to You, and may we find solace in the promise of Your resurrection. Amen.

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