It’s Not About Earthly Success

This past Sunday’s message explored the message of Mark 8:31-38, reminding us that following Jesus isn’t about earthly success or comfort. The message emphasizes:

  • Living authentically: Upholding our values, even when faced with pressure or difficulty.
  • Love and service: Prioritizing the needs of others and demonstrating compassion, inspired by Jesus’ teachings.
  • Sacrifice and commitment: Embracing the core values of the gospel, even if it means sacrificing personal gain.

Following Jesus requires living our faith with courage and integrity. This includes standing up for what we believe in, acting with kindness, and embodying the message of love and hope through our actions. Just as the first disciples faced challenges, we, too, will encounter moments where unexpected circumstances test our faith.

We are reminded that faith is a journey with challenges, but through perseverance and commitment, we can make the world a brighter place, one act of compassion at a time.

Pastor Sela

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