Isaiah’s Encounter with God

This past Sunday, we explored Isaiah’s encounter with God’s incredible majesty in the temple. It was a powerful reminder that even a prophet felt unworthy of God’s presence. We all need forgiveness, and this passage highlights the extraordinary nature of God’s grace. We stand small before God, utterly dependent on God’s mercy for restoration.

Isaiah’s courageous response, “Here am I: send me!” should inspire us to answer God’s call. As we celebrated Memorial Day on Monday, we honor the men and women who served our country, who answered the call to duty, some giving the ultimate sacrifice. Their bravery is a strong reminder of what it means to truly answer a call.

As Christians, we are called. Not to battlefields, perhaps, but to serve God in whatever way God leads us. It might be big or small, public or private, but the call is there. Just like Isaiah, we might feel a flicker of fear or unworthiness, but the message was clear: God equips those God calls.

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