In The Water

Here is a recap of Sunday’s message based on Matthew 14:22-33. 

Where do you find yourself in your faith journey today? Are you open to embracing faith and taking bold steps despite the challenges surrounding you? 

As a church, are we ready to step forward in faith, moving towards Jesus as a unified body?

It’s important to remember that the church is not a secular business or a profit-driven organization where numerical alignment dictates our decisions. We are, in essence, God’s assembly. Our operations are driven by the profound force of the Holy Spirit, transcending any other means. To think otherwise would be akin to clinging to a sinking vessel.

Life inevitably brings storms that we must weather, and at times, these tempests can feel insurmountable, leaving us powerless. However, here’s the beacon of hope: amid the howling winds, the surging waves, and the chaos that surrounds us, even when fear and uncertainty grip us, God remains poised to rescue us as long as we dare to take that step out of the boat and into the water.

In the water lies the origin of life, the very place where life unfolds. It’s the realm where you receive renewed life through Christ. It’s where Jesus resides, beckoning us to walk towards Him. In spite of the tumultuous storms of our church and personal circumstances, Jesus calls us to the water’s edge, encouraging us to step out in unwavering faith.

To all those burdened and weary, Jesus extends an invitation to depart from the safety of the boat, to embrace risk and walk steadfastly towards Him.

For Jesus stands as our savior.

Jesus is our ultimate rescuer.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday!

Pastor Sela

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