In the Beginning


In the Beginning

On the dawn of a new year, our recent sermon explored the profound connection between our lives and God’s ongoing masterpiece of creation. Drawing parallels between baptismal and the cosmic dance of existence, the message emphasized our role as instruments of peace, bearers of hope, and reflections of God’s love.

Highlighting the shared Spirit that hovered over creation and descended upon Jesus, the sermon called us to navigate life’s wilderness as confident co-creators. It urged us to remember our identity, embracing the untamed beauty woven into our diverse existence—a testament to the freedom God has inscribed.

We were challenged to view ourselves not as passive actors but as essential brushstrokes in the ongoing creation narrative. The call is to live as children of God, carrying the name of Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be stewards of divine creation.

In every new beginning, the echo of Genesis 1 resonates: “Let there be…” The concluding message urges us to contribute our unique and beautiful expressions to the unfolding story of God’s love. The timeless reminder is clear: “In the beginning, God created. And in every new beginning, God invites us to co-create.” This call echoes through the canvas of the new year, inviting us to embrace our divine partnership in the ongoing work of creation.

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