In Memory of My Father

In Memory Of My Father!

This Sunday is Father’s Day. You are blessed if you still have your father in this life. I am blessed to have wonderful memories of my father and his endless words of wisdom. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the significance of fatherhood and the critical role fathers play within our families, our church, and our communities. This special day, celebrated on the third Sunday of June, reminds us of fathers and father figures’ profound impact on our lives.

Fathers are often the unsung heroes, providing love, guidance, and support to their children and families. They are the pillars of strength that hold our families together, offering a steady hand and a shoulder to lean on during the most challenging times. They serve as role models, teaching us essential life lessons and imparting wisdom that helps us navigate the world around us.

Fathers also play a vital role in nurturing our spiritual growth as members of our church community. They lead by example, demonstrating the importance of faith, prayer, and service to others. Through their actions and words, fathers help instill compassion, forgiveness, and love – the bedrock of our faith.

With this said, I also acknowledge that not everyone has had a good experience with their father, and some have no experience. Yet, many long to be fathers, and others may not have a relationship with their children. I recognize how this day may be difficult for many and the various complexities.

On this Father’s Day, let us remember the fatherly love of our Heavenly Father, who watches over us and guides us throughout our lives. Our Heavenly Father loves us unconditionally and provides us with the blessings and grace we need to overcome life’s challenges.

As we gather in celebration and gratitude Sunday, let us give thanks to God for our fathers and father figures, those who are still with us, and those who are now residing in the heavens.

Happy Father’s Day!

Pastor Sela

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