God’s Nearness in Life’s Wilderness


Our recent sermon explored the profound message of leaning into God’s nearness amidst life’s uncertainties. Inspired by Mark’s Gospel, we discovered the invitation to embrace the Spirit, especially when facing the challenges of our personal wilderness.

Mark encourages us to “lean into the uncertainty,” mirroring our struggles. Similar to Jesus in the wilderness, we’re urged to embrace the Spirit even in uncharted territory. Rather than abandoning us, the wilderness holds hidden resources that can sustain us in times of trial.

At the core of the message is the choice to lean into the Spirit, opening ourselves to resilience in the face of uncertainty. This challenge is not theoretical; it’s a present choice that each of us must make.

Mark’s timeless call invites us to a transformative journey through life’s wilderness. Reflecting on baptism and wilderness trials, we see Jesus as a model of transformation, highlighting God’s nearness in our vulnerability.

As we enter the Lenten season, let’s not just observe but deeply engage with the journey. God’s love is not limited to mountaintop experiences; it extends into the valleys of our struggles. This season prompts us to transform, acknowledging that the One who walked through the wilderness with purpose is with us on our journey.

May this Lenten season be more than observation, evolving into a sacred space for growth. Embracing the challenges of the wilderness, we can encounter the profound nearness of God amid life’s trials.

Grace and Peace! Pastor Sela

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