Giants in Your Life? You’re Not Alone!


Ever feel like you’re facing a giant? A mountain of a problem, a fear that looms large, a situation that seems impossible to overcome? This past week’s message focused on life scenarios, using the epic story of David and Goliath from 1 Samuel 17.

We all have moments when we are frozen by fear because of intimidating giants. It can feel overwhelming, leaving us wondering how we’ll ever conquer it. Indeed, we cannot be victorious on our own. 

David accepted the challenge because he knew who had his back. No weapons or army could overcome the giant, but David had firsthand experience. God had delivered him before from the paws of bears and lions, and David had faith that God would deliver him again. David’s courage was a result of his faith.

Here’s the good news for us today: when we put our faith in God, we’re not alone in the fight. We’re equipped with the courage and strength to face anything, no matter how big the giant seems. God is with us, always. 

And here’s another powerful thought: what if we stopped focusing on what we don’t have or have to lose and started thinking about what we have to gain? Imagine facing your giant with that mindset—excited about the possibilities, fueled by faith. Your faith is a game-changer, helping you overcome any obstacles.

Whatever giants you face today, don’t let fear hold you back. Step forward in faith!

In Christ!

Pastor Sela

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