It’s the season of celebrating independence and freedom with fireworks and barbeque. And, I hope you have a fun and safe celebration. But the concept of freedom extends far beyond the fight for national liberation.

Mark 5:21-43 tells a story that speaks directly to the yearning for freedom in our own lives. Here, we encounter two remarkable individuals facing immense struggles. A woman had been battling a relentless illness for twelve years, her life completely restricted by it. Imagine the desperation, the feeling of being trapped in a situation beyond your control.

The other story features a father desperate to find healing for his young daughter. Both individuals represent the very real struggles we face today. Maybe you’re battling a chronic illness, fighting to overcome an addiction, or grappling with the loss of a loved one. These experiences can feel like a prison, robbing us of the freedom to live life to the fullest.

What’s even more striking is how both individuals, despite societal constraints, pushed through the crowd to reach Jesus. The woman, considered unclean by religious law, disregarded societal norms to reach out for healing. Jairus, a synagogue leader, likely faced criticism from his community for breaking religious taboos to seek Jesus’ help. Perhaps, like the woman, he too had a change of heart, questioning who truly deserves God’s grace.

Two people in search of their freedom received it from Jesus that day. This story emphasizes that true freedom isn’t about status, wealth, or position. It’s about having faith in Jesus’ healing power.

Jesus’ message: Do not give up. Do not be afraid. Only believe. 

Healing comes in many forms, not always as we expect. While some receive miraculous healing in this life, others find comfort in knowing that greater healing awaits us in heaven. So, don’t be afraid to bring your burdens to Jesus. He can set you free, offering hope and a path toward wholeness in this life and the next.

In Christ!

Sela Finau

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