Embracing the Light: Reflecting God’s Inclusive Love


“For God so loved the world…” (John 3:16) These words paint a powerful picture of God’s boundless love, a love that transcends any barrier we might imagine.

Just as God’s love embraces the entire world, we are called to expand our capacity for love. Consider the divisions in our community and the prejudices that create distance. God’s love knows no bounds, and we are called to reflect this love through compassion and understanding.

Reflecting on the sunrise as a metaphor for God’s love—a light that spills over every mountain peak and hidden valley, lighting every corner of the world. We are challenged to be beacons of this same light, welcoming those on the margins, fostering understanding, and building a more loving and just world.

Here are some questions to ponder as we move forward:

  • Does our love reflect God’s?
  • How can we better welcome those different from ourselves into our community?
  • Can we be a bridge of reconciliation, promoting understanding and fostering peace?

As we approach Holy Week, may we carry this message of God’s inclusive love in our hearts. May we shine our light brightly, a testament to the boundless love that embraces the entire world.

A summary of Sunday’s sermon based on John 3:14-21.

Peace, Pastor Sela Finau

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