Embracing Shocking Hope Amidst Chaos


Dear Church,

In our recent sermon from the first Sunday of Advent, we explored the theme of “Embracing Shocking Hope Amidst Chaos.” Amid life’s turmoil, we’re called to embrace a hope that challenges us to believe in something beyond the visible chaos, much like Isaiah did in the face of suffering.

Isaiah’s trust in God’s presence during upheaval serves as a powerful example. It’s not wishful thinking but a conviction that God shapes us like a potter molding clay, even in the midst of uncertainty.

As we navigate our own uncertainties, let’s lean into the shocking hope that Advent offers—a hope that refuses to let us linger in despair. This Advent season, marked by symbols like purple and blue, becomes a time of expectation. It serves as a reminder not to rush into God’s presence without acknowledging our status as clay in the divine potter’s hands.

In our contemporary context, where chaos echoes Isaiah’s experiences, we, too, long for peace. Yet, Isaiah’s assurance remains—a reminder that God is truly good. So, as we enter Advent with reflection, repentance, and anticipation, may we find joy and thankfulness as we wait with unwavering hope for Christ’s return.


Pastor Sela

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