Divine Interruption and Redemption


In this week’s sermon, we delved into the story of Jonah, a prophet confronted with an unexpected divine assignment. Initially resistant, Jonah attempted to escape, only to be pursued by a relentless God. This narrative illustrates how God can use even reluctant individuals for a greater purpose, manifesting God’s grace.

The sermon challenged us to acknowledge the limitations of our understanding in grasping the complexities of God’s ways. While God redirected Jonah with a storm, not every storm in our lives is sent by God, prompting us to reflect on the storms we may have brought upon ourselves and the need for divine intervention.

As we embark on this journey with Jonah in the coming weeks, you’re invited to contemplate your own experiences of disobedience, recognizing God’s persistent pursuit and embracing the boundless mercy that seeks to redeem us, even when we attempt to run away.

Grace and peace, Pastor Sela

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