Dirty Hands and Clean Heart

This past Sunday, our sermon, Dirty Hands and Clean, was based on Matthew 15:10-28 emphasizing the Christian duty of responding to those in pain or need, meeting them where they are, and allowing them to express themselves on their terms. The example of the persistent Canaanite woman who influenced Jesus and changed his mind was used to illustrate the potential for changing one’s worldview and assumptions through such interactions.

Jesus was against oppressive systems that exclude people, and he was depicted as breaking down barriers by embracing marginalized individuals and different people. The message stressed that God’s commandments and love for others are more significant than rigid traditions and rituals.

Engaging with the world’s difficulties, even when it gets messy, reflects the compassionate nature of Christ. The core message was that God values a pure heart over outward cleanliness, and desires a welcoming community of people who prioritize love and acceptance of all.

I look forward to worshipping with you Sunday. 

Pastor Sela

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