But When?

But When? A reflection from Sunday’s message based on Matthew 25:31-46

We stand at the crossroads of profound reality, contemplating a future where our every choice, action, and word will be laid bare before Christ. The crux of our self-reflection lies in the dichotomy of being either sheep or goats in the eyes of the Divine.

For the sheep, the commendation from Christ is a resounding “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Their lives resonate with acts of kindness, echoing the very essence of the kingdom—feeding the hungry, offering a drink to the thirsty, welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, and visiting the imprisoned.

Conversely, the goats face a moment of questioning, realizing missed opportunities to extend love and compassion. It’s a crucial reckoning with the daily choices that shape our lives.

Christ’s response is crystal clear: our actions, or lack thereof, are not mere gestures but encounters with the Divine. The challenge is to let the rings of love, compassion, and service be a constant reminder, urging us to ask, “But when?” When will we extend love? When will we make today count, regardless of what happened yesterday?

As we step out of this moment of reflection, let us carry the awareness that our daily choices matter. May the rings on our metaphorical smartwatches remind us to live with purpose, making each day count. The words “You did it” should echo in our lives not in fear but in joy, knowing that each act of kindness, compassion, and service is a sacred encounter with Christ.

So, as a church, let our journey forward be one that resonates with love, compassion, and a resounding “Amen.” May our response to the challenges and opportunities ahead be a testament to the transformative power of living with purpose and embracing the echoes of our choices.

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