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A Reflection on the Kingdom

The parable of the growing seed from Mark 4:26-34 reminds us that positive change, like the Kingdom of God, starts small. We reflected on Father’s Day and how

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Isaiah’s Encounter with God

This past Sunday, we explored Isaiah’s encounter with God’s incredible majesty in the temple. It was a powerful reminder that even a prophet felt unworthy of

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Two Paths

This past Sunday, our message was based on Psalm 1. It’s a powerful Psalm that guides us on the right path by allowing us to

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Love, Faith, and Belonging

This week, our journey through 1 John concluded with powerful messages of love, faith, and belonging. The importance of loving others struck a chord. John reminds us that loving

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How do we abide in Christ?

What does it truly mean to abide in Christ? It’s not just believing; it’s about staying connected, engaged, and completely relying on Christ. Just like

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