Prayer for The Covenant School Community

Dear God,

We come before you with heavy hearts, as we mourn the tragic loss of three children and three staff members in Nashville’s school shooting today. We also mourn the death of the shooter. We are tired of hearing about such senseless acts of violence that continue to take innocent lives. It is becoming all too common, and we ask for your guidance and strength to help us come together and find a way to end this scourge of gun violence in our schools and communities.

We pray for comfort and healing for the families and loved ones of the victims. We also pray for comfort and healing for the family of the shooter. We ask that you wrap them in your loving embrace during this difficult time, and give them the strength they need to carry on.

We also pray for the survivors of this tragedy, particularly the students, teachers, and staff who will have to cope with the trauma of this event for years to come. We ask for your healing and peace to be upon them, and for your love to surround them always.

Finally, we pray that our leaders and policymakers will come together to find solutions to end gun violence in our schools and communities. We ask that they have the courage and compassion to take the necessary steps to prevent such tragedies from happening again.

In Jesus’ name, we pray for a safer and more peaceful world.

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