A Reflection on the Kingdom

The parable of the growing seed from Mark 4:26-34 reminds us that positive change, like the Kingdom of God, starts small.

We reflected on Father’s Day and how seemingly insignificant gestures of love from fathers shape their children’s lives. These seeds, like the one in the parable, have immense potential.

Juneteenth, celebrating enslaved African Americans’ emancipation, offered a powerful parallel. News of freedom was declared in 1863, and it took over two years to reach everyone in Texas. This delay highlights the importance of sharing good news persistently.

As Christians, we share the Gospel, a message of hope and love for all. The tiny mustard seed, seemingly insignificant, grows into a strong plant. Our efforts, like planting seeds, may seem small but can blossom into something remarkable. The Kingdom of God may seem small at first, but it holds the potential to transform lives and communities.

May we embrace the power of starting small. And remember that we’re called to plant, sow, scatter, share, and leave the growth to God.

For those who missed the opportunity last Sunday, there are a few crosses remaining on the Evangelism table in the narthex. These were gifts from Wayne Dobbins of Lake Brownwood, and the message on the card accompanying them reads: “Taking God’s Love aCross the World.” This message perfectly complements our reflection on sharing the Gospel. 

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